Aug 22, 2013

Fiat India Repositions the Current Linea Model to Classic C Segment

Fiat India is planning a new generation model launch in the coming year. The 2014 will be up with some real exciting surprises for all. It is planning to launch a better and newer version of current Linea. Though the current model will exist and be further known as Fiat Linea Classic as soon as the new model has been launched. This similar pattern was noticed from Ford when they launched a new model and named the previous as Classic.

The present Linea model is said to be categorized in the C-Lower Segment making way for the new model and giving it space in the upper segment. Linea Classic shall retain the same old 1.4 liter petrol engine whereas the diesel model will be powered with same Multijet 1.3 diesel engine. Isn't this a fab news that you get a newer version of the Fiat Linea and the current will remain with a new name Linea Classic.

Great interiors, great engine and beautifully designed car is all want and Fiat India is constantly working on it. The  enhanced Linea model will come in 1.4 liter T-jet turbo petrol model and there is a possibility of new turbo diesel with more powerful 1.6 liter Multijet unit. After the launch of this model Fiat will have 2 models in the C Segment that will bring a big boom in the Automobile Industry. Further Fiat plans to launch Grand Punto hatchback in 2014. So there is a lot in store, the Pandora's box jut need to be opened and you will have more choices when you plan to buy your Fiat model.


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