Jul 14, 2010

Toyota Innova: Price, Features, Reviews & Specifications

Toyota Innova reflects owners pride with its unique design, safety and innovative features. With the capacity to accommodate around eight people, Toyota Innova is one of the trendsetting, premium super utility vehicles.

Toyota Innova is embedded with a trend setting design and is mainly available in three models:

- Innova E
- Innova G
- Innova V

Each of the three categories is further categorized into sub-variants.

Innova E: Innova E 2.0L Petrol, Innova E 2.5L Diesel
Innova G: Innova G1 2.0L Petrol, Innova G2 2.5L Diesel
Innova V: Innova V 2.0L Petrol, Innova V 2.5L Diesel

Toyota Innova Features Include:

- Global Appeal and Grand Style
- Wide & Low Design
- Sporty and curved monoform design
- Cutting edge aerodynamics
- Panoramic Windows
- 3-dimensional front
- Semi-concealed wiper

Toyota Innova Safety Features include:

- GOA Body with SRS Airbags (Driver & Passenger side)
- Large Disc Brakes (Front only)
- LSPV (Load Sensing Proportion Valve)
- Collapsible steering column
- High Rigidity Frame
- Soft upper interior
- 3 point seatbelts for every row
- Protection for the passenger cabin
- Side door impact beams with Seat Belt warning light
- Rear window defogger
- Theft Deterrent System or Immobilizer
- Wireless door-lock integrated key
- Child protector locks

Toyota Innova has appealing looks. It incorporates sporty and curved mono form design, cutting edge aerodynamics, 3 dimensional front, panoramic windows and semi concealed wiper. Toyota Innova has impressive interiors too. It is equipped with surrounding cabin, shift6 and rear console, door bottle holder, mobile charger, glove box, better cargo space, two tone relaxing color interior, adjustable passenger's and driver's seats, saddle type headrests and chrome plated door.

The other highlights of Toyota Innova are fog lamps, rear lamps, 3 dimensional grille, superior multi reflector headlamps, towering height etc. Toyota Innova is equipped with a global style and is raring to go, with its superlative performance and optimal pricing (prices start from Rs 8, 00,000 to 12, 34,000) and the superior quality build.

Toyota Innova Price in India Start From Rs 8,00,000 to 12,34,000

Toyota Innova Exterior:

Toyota Innova Interior:

By: Amrith K.A.

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HANNA said...

That's true Toyoto Innova has unique design, safety and innovative features which can easily hit indian road.

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